When it’s flooding down in Texas

you cannot drink the water…but you can pay your taxes.

For the first time in history a mandatory boil water notice was placed on the City of Austin. For 6 days the water was too murky to purify for drinkable water. The City claimed there was 100 times more particles than usual. The particles won’t settle unless the City uses a chemical formula to clear the water.

Here are some facts I’ve collected for you:

The water situation

“Austin water treatment plants(there are 3) can currently produce approximately 105 million gallons of water per day,” a message to city residents said Monday afternoon. “Current customer use is about 120 million gallons per day. Water reservoir levels are reaching minimal levels. Immediate action is needed to avoid running out of water.”

water pouring in clear drinking glass
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Austin metro added 55,269 people last year, or more than 151 people each day. Breaking down the numbers, there was a natural increase of 16,791 residents (27,400 births versus 10,609 deaths) and net migration (newcomers minus people leaving) was 38,305. That equals net migration of about 105 people per day and represents about 69 percent of the total population growth in the past year.

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Values that were previously classified as 100-year events are now much more frequent 25-year events, meaning they have a 4 percent chance of occurring in a given year instead of a 1 percent chance, researchers said.

eye of the storm image from outer space
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“Experts say the new data could have major implications for engineers, municipalities and the Federal Emergency Management Agency, which rely on these precipitation frequency numbers to determine flood risks. The city of Austin is at least one place that has confirmed it will try to change its flood maps and land development code based on the new information.”

Do we know where the problem is from?


One year after Harvey. What has Texas accomplished on flooding?

I may not understand everything in English. I am French and after 6 years in the US, I think I am getting better at translations but sometimes I wonder if I am hearing things correctly.

1. Establish a regional flood control authority.

A new Tax just for flooding?

2. Build a third reservoir.

Will it be designed to filter, settle and store the water as efficiently as  a permaculture system ?
3. Build the coastal barrier system.

Trying to contain mother nature? Good luck with that one!
4. Buy the Westwood Golf Club.

That must be very expensive property to purchase for flood land

5. Approve new funding streams.

So more money. Isn’t 60 million per year is enough?  Apparently not, 26 BILLION is needed! To protect who? Nature? Citizens? No they want to protect the Johnson Space Center and the Bayport Industrial Complex. Claiming that saving this area will help save the nations economy. We must not forget that 26 Billion will not coming strait from taxes money. The IRS take the taxes and then will loan 26 billion at 2.25%  make 65 million in interest so yes Approve new founding streams look very interesting.
6. Require more effective land-use regulations.

And more regulation. We love regulation…
7. Reform the National Flood Insurance Program.

More money for insurance companies too… Citizens will pay not only a new tax to protect the interests of Walls Street,f but also for insurance companies. They will, change the zoning and raise insurance premiums.
8. Insist on a transparent Corps of Engineers.

Engineers look transparent enough, considering the results. Austin citizens have had to boil water for six days. This is a situation of a third world country.
9. Reinvigorate our politics.

I don’t think this is a job for Politian’s. Natures agenda and political agendas do not match up, plus the Lobbies are in charge…
10. Protect renters.

THIS HOW YOU PROTECT YOUR RENTERS THAT HAVE LOST EVERYTHING?”offer flexibility on rent payments” and “Leases must be easier to break for renters who endure a natural disaster.
11. Help schools rebuild.

In the same location, by the same contractors with the same blue print. And do it every again an again. Looks like a conflict of interest to me.
12. Establish a national emergency website address.

To be able to tell everybody to evacuate? Why not try to avoid the flooding altogether.  Politicians are temporary employees, so they tend to focus on short term solutions. This approach will not work with nature. Nature does not follow a political agenda.

Please read the Houston Chronicle article here and then go to the comment section

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How trees help in preventing floods

Trees help prevent flooding. When plants grow in an area, the roots of the plants dig deep into the soil and create space between soil particles. When it rains in highlands, water that flows downhill gets drained into the space created by the root system of plants. Due to this, chance of flooding is greatly reduced.

hydrologic cycle1

The unfortunate consequences of growing MONOCULTURE CROPS is CUTTING DOWN ALL THE TREES Watch the demonstration HERE.


agriculture countryside crop cropland
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bird s eye view of lumbers
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I know it seems like we  have a lot of trees. That is because most of the trees are for cosmetic appeal in the urban areas. The city gets rid of the excess water as fast as it can. So the trees we have, don’t have time to filter or absorb the water and then we use chemically treated water to water them and are running out of water to drink. Hmmmm?  That doesn’t make any sense.

Water flow control technics have show they efficiency in place around the world where population face problems way bigger than we can imagine. watch this example. In this extreme climate but with a good design, population have now food and water all year long, giving back smiles on those peoples who was starving before, irony the 1/3 world have access to clean water, getting food and flood safety going on. Watch here. This is Mass Construction Weapon, people are evolving in a new system: Permaculture. This is the most efficient way to solve several issues.

what are we waiting for? In Austin Texas, most of the floodwaters come from upstream from places like Llano, Texas, which is not an area known for lush forest. Now with all the humans moving to the Austin area there are more roofing surface being built, which increases the need for more trees. Not water sucking, non food providing trees like;  pollen producing CEDAR and Hawthorn Berry but a mixture of edible and Nitrogen increasing plants as the Permaculture design emphasizes. Here a nice example of what can be done in individual scale

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The Galveston hurricane of 1900, whose anniversary is September 8, is remembered for a horrific number — 6,000. That’s the number of people who perished. It was the deadliest natural disaster in U.S. history.  0.007% of Americans died this day that will be 0.007% of the population is 229 274 today. Just to have an idea of the proportion.

This is why

Google Earth has recently added a green filter to it’s maps to help us believe that everything is going to be alright. You can see for yourself by clicking on the historical icon at the top.  It’s as if they don’t want you to see that Gaia is dying.

Pacified water flow by Permaculture engineering is a solution.

And who is the best for that? BEAVERS  They have water engineering skills imprinted in their DNA.  The engineers should study the Beavers designs.

Experts believe that dams built by beavers could help prevent flooding and boost biodiversity

Beavers’ dams are permeable, allowing water to be gradually released downstream and its flow slowed. The reintroduction also boost biodiversity.


General Information About Beavers


This is how Beavers design ecosystems. They love it and don’t ask to be paid…

It’s been 400 years since beavers have disappeared in the USA and man as taken over the landscape. The purpose was large scale monoculture farming. Pumping the water from the phreatic nap convert wetland to increase crops surfaces. Consequence, the water run away and didn’t have time to recharge those phreatic nap.

See here a tutorial about the phreatic nap

The USDA natural resource conservation service seems to know the problem consider the “stream restauration project” in 2007 here.

“Streams and rivers are as complex as they are beautiful. A

combination of the principles and analytical tools used in

the fields of engineering, landscape architecture, geology,

hydraulics, hydrology, ecology, and fluvial geomorphology

are necessary to properly analyze and design stream and

riverine projects.”

Like I said… Beavers. There is a science pretty unknow about water streaming phenomenon partialy explained by Victor Schauberger.

 Everything known about stream restoration is well documented.

So the goal is to get rid of water by storing the fast flood water in the stream which allows the water to be absorbed by the ground and the vegetation.


The vegetation releases stored water by evaporation. The water stored in phreatic nap increase the level of the water table and voids the underground stream to create sinkholes.


The amount of water going down stream becomes quiet and clear all year long. The water level amplitude between seasons is buffered and there is no more problem of drinking water.

Permaculture is the Solution to so many of our worlds problems today.

I am here to help solve these problems and help heal the planet.  I have no hidden agenda or need to be acknowledged. I am a father of 2 boys that will not have a healthy environment in which to live unless WE make a BIG Change!  I am just a man with  a plan that is willing to put it into action.

Thank you for reading and please feel free to comment.

Be Wild



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