fFrom a French Chef’s perspective,

The blogosphere is very fond of “healthy food”. In fact: you can find “the 16 superfoods”, “25 greatest superfoods” or “52 best superfoods” and “the top list of healthy superfoods”. Confusing? How many Superfoods are there? What is superfood? I spent 42 years in the culinary country, we call France and I have never head about superfood before moving to the USA. We know from  Europe your addiction to protein powder, vitamin pills, etc… But superfood? What the hell, I mean  only Superman eats that or what? I never saw superman eating in a movie but looks like they fed him blueberries. Yes blueberries always come up on the top of the lists of the best superfoods.


This is nice because blueberries grow like crazy. They are resistant to most pests, insects  diseases, as well as, good for the bees, decorative, inexpensive PLUS they are delicious. Blueberries can be rooted as softwood (spring) cuttings or hardwood (dormant) cuttings which are easy to duplicate. This can be the first thing WE do together. Let’s  plant a couple hundred of superfood bushes. Then Superman should show up soon. He is probably starving because of the lack of superfood bushes in our landscape.

Unfortunately blueberries raised in monoculture crops can not be considered superfood!

No kidding!  I wonder…. they are super what?  I found that over 10 studies from Universities of at least 3 different countries  that concluded ( 2008) that food dramatically decrease in  nutrition value up to 100 time less in the last half century. Here is   48 pages PDF you can download for more details.

Here is an extract

“Significant erosion in the nutritional quality of the American diet rests on declining nutrient density in staple crops, coupled with increasing consumption of largely “empty” calories (“empty” in the sense that some foods contain high levels of added sugar and fat, and deliver very few nutrients per calorie consumed). Compared to half a century ago—when crop yields first began to climb dramatically—we are eating fewer nutrient-rich foods like fresh fruits and vegetables, and whole grains, and more highly processed foods. Contemporary epidemics of obesity and diabetes are among the direct consequences. This is why the U.S. government has placed so much emphasis on doubling average per capita consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables.”

food meal eat fat
Photo by Negative Space on Pexels.com

Staples crops, the total production of blueberries in the United States in 2016, at 593.6 million pounds, increased by about 5 percent from 2015.

There is no category or characteristic to classify Super foods.. It can be berries, vegetables, nuts, grains, fruits… and no scientific definition of what is a superfood. We can consider that is a made up name use to increase profits. How can you seriously find superfood in monoculture crops? Organic or not. A crop grown without fungus, bacteria, worms, manure that are organized in symbiosis can not offer the whole panel of nutrients.   It takes 100 apples today to get the same amount of vitamin C contained in 1 apple from the 60’s. It’s difficult to swallow the superfood story, literaly. Your Granny never called an apple a”Superfood” right?

 A Permaculture ecosystem is a natural system designed by humans to increase it’s efficiency. The Grannies ” SuperApple” with is 400mg of vitamin C (against 4mg today) In a permaculture system  will see an INCREASE in is nutritional facts. The “PermaApple” in which then can be called a Superfood! Beceause she contain more nutruients than the old fashion apple, what should we call them?

Zombie apple?

  with 4mg c vitamin per apple you cannot produce enough energy at all. Wonder why Superman never showed up when you need him? I have a theory about that:  When Superman finally found a crops of blueberry.


He’d have to eat alot of them to get enough energy . Then, digest, nap and poo, tons of blueberries.  Yes that’s Superman dude, needs a lot of energy and the poor guy (Superman) is getting fat because of  all those empty calories.

Right now he is  probably trying to fall asleep but his belly hurts too badly.

The best is when you pick some apples from an orchard found in the most organic farm you’ve ever seen. Then beceause they are so rare, you want to make a pie! SO you cook them in the microwave?  Oh NOOOO!  If there is one iota of nutrients left in this food, when you bombard it with microwaves, you can be sure to get rid of any trace of nutrients left. Yes, each cooking method  has a negitive effect on nutrients but microwaving  is the worst.

“Microwave cooking destroyed in essential fatty acids and two-thirds of vitamins C or B9,” says Dr. Chevallier. Like high temperature cooking modes. Only the steamed and stewed cooking preserve them better.
Microwave is ok  to sanitize sponges or steam towels but that’s it. more info here or there.

What can i do?

To cook food, one of the best ways is steamed or stewed cooking. And the most efficient is the Solar Cooker.

Let’s do this, build a solar cooker. I made one a fews years back, but it didn’t make the move from Dallas to Austin. It was damaged and there was a lack of room on the moving truck.   I still have a pdf in french, I will translate and pictures I’ll share in my next post. This is how we’re going to cook for free the superfood we grow for free. Talk about freedom.

This next post will be the first in a series of DIY’s, which will allow you to build all the Permacène devices needed to live a modern life, like that of a wise, wild monkey .

Stay Tuned!

And be wild



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