fFrom a French Chef’s perspective, The blogosphere is very fond of “healthy food”. In fact: you can find “the 16 superfoods”, “25 greatest superfoods” or “52 best superfoods” and “the top list of healthy superfoods”. Confusing? How many Superfoods are there? What is superfood? I spent 42 years in the culinary country, we call France […]


When it’s flooding down in Texas

you cannot drink the water…but you can pay your taxes. For the first time in history a mandatory boil water notice was placed on the City of Austin. For 6 days the water was too murky to purify for drinkable water. The City claimed there was 100 times more particles than usual. The particles won’t settle unless the City uses a chemical formula […]

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Answers are everywhere… We are incredibly diligent to find answers to our questions.  The answers are not the problem, but to find those questions that really need to be answer? One of those is; how to unite the people of the world to get out of the Anthropocetriseum system? how make everyone take care of our environment?   Everyone wants to […]

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Mono-culture in the fields but also mono-building in cities

It seems everything manufactured today has a predetermined life span. Everything man-made requires maintenance and  is manufactured to increase the GDP. Especially in what is perceived as modern housing. These human storage units aka Urban Living housing options  are designed to be fastly built and” cheap”. Not because they are nice or efficient but built (deforestation) to optimise the business standards that are used […]

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Anthropocene… what’s next?

Here we are at the top of the geologic pile, we live an extraordinary period in earth history. a time when in a life time we can see major change in human and earth Histoty. there is now some tribe who still live in the Pleistocene, they are hunter-gatherer still. most of the world population fell […]

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